Percy Green Oral History #2
Percy Green Oral History #2
St. Louis civil rights activist Percy Green focuses on his memories and activites as a member of St. Louis CORE (Committee on Racial Equality) and ACTION (Action Coucil to Improve Opportunities for Negroes).
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Table of Contents
Work history; joining St. Louis CORE (Committee on Racial Equality); personal philosophy of activism versus the direction of CORE

Krogers; Jefferson Bank; impetus for demonstration; negotiations; court injunction

Arrest of CORE leadership; violation of court injunction; white power structure of St. Louis; employment of blacks by Jefferson Bank; litigation concerning court injunction

Factions within St. Louis CORE; thoughts on civil disobedience; formation of ACTION; press perception of ACTION; climbing the St. Louis Arch

NAACP; Urban League; ACTION philosophy

Racial composition of CORE, SNCC, and ACTION; black power; interracial dynamic of ACTION

7. (00:05:11) Black Families
Social mores of black men and women; black family structure; role of employment in status within the family unit

Approach to obtain jobs for black men; Southwestern Bell negotiations; Richard Burke

Hiring practices of Southwestern Bell negotiations; white worker backlash to employment of Richard Burke; qualifications for employment

Social status conferred by role during slavery and employment, language usage, and mannerisms

11. (00:11:03) Examples of Racism
Violence towards black women; personal disposition to question authority; effect on black family structure

12. (00:12:34) Dissolution of ACTION
Membership turnover; conditions for possible reorganization of ACTION; socio-economic areas needing improvement; business loans; approach to civil disobedience

13. (00:03:31) Military Service
Example of position and blackness during military service

14. (00:05:15) Impetus for Activism
Anecdotes of life experiences; explanations for achievement gaps between blacks and whites

15. (00:13:16) Personal Thoughts
Philosophy and opinions on government, politics, racism, authority, war